Joint Service Clubs of Greater Sierra Vista
Joint Service Clubs of Greater Sierra Vista




Adopted 5/7/93; Amended 6/3/94, 9/5/94, 11/1/96, 2/7/97, 8/4/00, 5/4/07, 1/4/08, 3/7/08, 10/2/09, 9/6/13, 5/7/21


  1.  PURPOSES  The JSCGSV is established to:


          a.   Better serve the community through strength in numbers.

          b.   Speak as a single voice when appropriate.

          c.   Provide a forum for the exchange of information between Member Clubs.

          d.   Minimize duplication of Member Club activities.




          a.  Any nonprofit organization with a principal objective of providing a variety of ongoing services to the greater Sierra Vista community, as a whole, may be considered a prospective Member Club.  A prospective club must submit a JSCGSV provided membership application form to the President for JSCGSV consideration.  The existing Member Clubs shall have the final and incontestable vote on membership.

          b.  The following criteria should be used to evaluate a prospective member club’s eligibility.  The prospective Member Club:

                1.  Should provide funds or manpower to provide services/projects for the benefit of the community.

                2.  Should primarily consist of members that do not charge for services/projects.

                3.  Must be non-profit, non-political, and non-commercial.

                4.  Must provide services/projects that are not restricted to a specific segment of our society based on religion, gender, or race.

                5.  Should be more of a provider of services/funds than a receiver of services/funds.




          a.  Organizations that do not otherwise qualify as a Member Club may be granted Honorary Membership provided they are supportive of the purposes of this organization and elected to honorary status by the Member Clubs.  Honorary Members do not pay assessments, may not vote, and may not post their logos on the signboard.  The total number of Honorary Members should not to exceed 10% of the number or regular members when considered for membership.

          b.  The criteria for such membership is:

1.  Not otherwise eligible for regular membership.

2.  Supportive of the purposes of the JSCGSV.

3.  Have wide influence in the community or with Member Clubs.

4.  Go through the normal application process.




          Membership is by club rather than individual.  Each Member Club shall maintain the right to name its own representative from its membership.  In order to exercise a vote, a representative of a voting club must be appointed to the JSCGSV by their individual club.


  5.  VOTING  The JSCGSV shall abide by the following voting guidelines.


  1. Each voting club shall have a single vote.  This vote shall be vested in the Member Club Representative.

          b.   Voting must be cast by the designated Club Representative.

          c.   Votes of the JSCGSV shall not be binding on the Member Clubs.  However, the JSCGSV may request club commitments on items voted upon.


  6.  EXECUTIVE BOARD  An Executive Board shall be formed as follows.


          a.   The Member Clubs shall elect a President yearly at the JSCGSV meeting in December who will take office on the following January 1st.  The President may appoint a Secretary/Treasurer, subject to the ratification of the general membership.  The President, the Secretary/Treasurer (if appointed), and all active Past Presidents shall constitute the Executive Board of the JSCGSV.  Executive Board members will serve without compensation.

          b.  The duties of the Executive Board shall include, but not be limited to, the appointment of a Membership Committee that shall review of all applications for club membership, and presentation of same to the General Membership with appropriate recommendations.  A member of the Executive Board shall be a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Membership Committee.  The President shall select the members of the Membership Committee and present their names to the General Membership for ratification.


  7.  FINANCES  The JSCGSV shall follow the following financial guidelines.


          a.   The JSCGSV shall operate on a fiscal period starting January 1st each year.

          b.   There shall be no dues for membership.  However, there shall be a yearly $15 assessment of all Member Clubs for the operating needs of the JSCGSV.  Assessments are to be invoiced in November and due by January 31st.  Assessments for new Member Clubs will be collected on a pro-rated basis.

          c.   JSCGSV financial records shall be made available for review by Member Clubs at any time.


  8.  MEETINGS  The JSCGSV shall conduct meetings as follows.


          a.   The JSCGSV shall normally meet the first Friday of each month at a time and place designated by the President.

          b.   A voting quorum shall consist of five or more voting representatives.

          c.   The President shall set the agenda from input from Member Club representatives.


  9.  TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP  Member Club membership shall be terminated as follows.


           a.   A Member Club may terminate its JSCGSV membership at any time.

           b.   A Member Club membership may be terminated by a 2/3-majority vote of voting Member Clubs present at a normal monthly meeting.  Appropriate causes my include, but not limited to:

                (1)  Failure to maintain non-profit status,

                  (2)  Discriminatory actions, 

                  (3)  Non-payment of the annual assessment by the first Friday of February,

                  (4)  Failure of a representative to be present at least one regular meeting in any calendar quarter,

          c.   A Member Club membership is automatically terminated at the end of the calendar year if either:

                  (1)  Their assessment has not been paid, or

                  (2)  They were not represented at any meeting during the year.




          The JSCGSV shall dissolve if and when a 2/3 majority vote of the representatives present at a regular meeting so vote, or when the membership drops to two voting member clubs.  Upon dissolution, all assets will be distributed equally among Member Clubs in good standing.


11.  PROJECTS  The JSCGSV may sponsor projects as it so elects.  Such projects may include, but not be limited to, such things as:


  1. Monthly JSCGSV meetings and programs.

          b.   Control of the City provided JSCGSV signboard.

          c.   JSCGSV community speaker’s bureau.

          d.   Annual JSCGSV survey and report.

          e.   JSCGSV activity calendar.

          f.    Special JSCGSV projects.


12.  SIGNBOARD REGULATIONS  A Member Club in good standing may place its logo/information sign on the City maintained signboard so long as the club meets the following criteria.


          a.   Upon membership acceptance, the President shall assign a space for the club’s sign.  Should no spaces be available the club’s name will be placed on a waiting list.

          b.   The club must deliver a weatherproof sign to the City for mounting.  Only the City may place or remove a sign.

          c.   The sign must fit in a space no larger than 40” wide by 48” high.  It is recommended that it be no larger than 30” wide by 40” high.

          d.   Individual clubs are responsible of maintaining the accuracy of their sign information.  They are to work directly with the City when changes occur.



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